CHTA Ethics

The Canadian Hairless Terrier Association was formed by ethical, caring breeders interested in promoting the American Hairless Terrier in Canada. We do not support high volume or commercial breeding practices. No member of our Association shall transact with or sell to Class B dealers, Pet stores, or Commercial Kennels.

All Canadian breeders breed the AHT to preserve the best qualities of the breed and provide quality pets for families with allergies.

The CHTA offers shows and competitions for the betterment of our breed.

All breeders keep an accurate and up to date database of all puppies they produce, their current location and contact information for their family

All pet dogs are placed on a spay/neuter contract.

All show puppies need to go on a contract that will not allow breeding unless the dog lives up to the quality intended and passes all health checks and certification necessary in Canada for the breed.

Every CHTA breeder is involved with rescue.

Every CHTA breeder is prepared to take any of their own dogs back into their home.

1) A breeder-member shall strive to conform to the American Hairless Terrier Standard as
approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, to improve progeny, and to reduce faults
to a minimum.
2) Members shall comply with the rules of the Animal Pedigree Act concerning
record keeping and the registration, identification, sale, and transfer of dogs.
3) Members shall refer potential puppy purchasers to other reputable breeders and
be helpful and courteous to those who request information about the breed.
4) All stud dogs and bitches shall be screened prior to breeding for both infectious and
hereditary diseases using the then generally accepted and available techniques.
5) A breeder-member selling puppies or offering stud services shall fully disclose to
potential clients any serious or disabling hereditary defects, including the reasonable
possibility of such defects.
6) All contractual terms and conditions relating to American Hairless Terriers shall be reduced
to writing and shall be honored by a member.
7) An exhibitor-member shall not alter a dog’s natural appearance
8) A member shall not defame another member nor seek to impair a member’s
reputation, provided, however, a member shall report any serious situation that is
detrimental to the breed or is inconsistent with these principles.
9) A member’s advertising:
- shall be professional in apperance and location;
- shall not contain any misleading photograph or other graphic materials; and
10) A member shall sponsor an applicant for membership only if the member has
personally known the applicant for at least two years. At least one of the sponsoring
members must have visited the applicants’ facility at least once during the two years
immediately preceding the application date.

11. A member-breeder shall keep up to date accurate records of puppies produced with current contact information for their family, recent photo, and microchip or tattoo information to identify the puppy.
1) Assistance and encouragement shall be willingly offered by members to show novices
and others needing advice and guidance. The welfare of the breed will be in their hands
in the future.
2) All dogs will be kept in a family home as a house pet, under safe and sanitary conditions, be given maximum health care and protection, including regular inoculations and proper nutrition, and freely offered learning opportunities, attention, affection and socialization.
3) Healthy spacing between litters will be a priority and unspayed bitches will be
protected from unplanned matings. Bitches will in no case be bred before their second
heat or before they are at least 18 months of age, whichever comes first, nor be placed
at risk by an unreasonable number of cesarean sections and then only with the
concurrence of a veterinarian.
4) Puppies will not be sold or consigned to pet stores, agents, or other commercial
enterprises nor sold to disreputable breeders, and neither puppies nor stud services
will be offered as prizes or for raffles.
5) Prospective buyers will be screened as thoroughly as possible to determine their
intent, as well as their ability and interest in providing a safe, adequate, loving
environment and a long term relationship with a puppy or adult dog.
6) All puppies and dogs offered for sale will be sold with written sales agreements to
include clear terms and conditions and be signed by the seller and buyer. The contract
will request that the seller be contacted in the event that at any time the owner is
unable to keep the dog, it will be the obligation of the seller to assist in the placement
of the dog in question.
7) Purchasers will be required to neuter/spay all puppies sold as pets. If specified in
the written sales contract, the seller will promptly release limited registration forms
upon receipt of a veterinarian’s certification of such spaying or neutering.
8) All puppies leaving the breeders possession will be a minimum of eight (8) to
twelve (12) weeks of age to facilitate adequate socialization as well as appropriate
emotional and temperament development through interaction with siblings, dam and other dogs.
9) Breeders will provide puppy buyers with written details of feeding, general care,
date and types of a minimum of two (2) inoculations, as well as dates of wormings,
grooming instructions, etc. and be available to offer future advise as needed.
10) Stud service will be offered only by and to Canadian Full Registered, healthy, mature
dogs and bitches, respectively, and only of sound temperament. The dogs and Bitches
should be free of serious congenital and hereditary defects. Stud service will be
refused for any mating which is considered to not be in the best interest of the breed.
11) Animals recently exposed to the risks of infectious diseases and bitches with
nursing whelp will not be exhibited.
12) Members realize that they represent the dog fancy in general and American Hairless
Terriers specifically to the general public in Canada. Members will act in a professional and
good sportsman-like manner at all times and will respect the rules of hotels/motels,
other show sites and of all show sponsors.

Complaints and Discipline
The Board of Directors will appoint a three member Complaint/Discipline Committee, the Vice-President will act as alternate in the event that any member of the committee is unable to “hear” a particular complaint (i.e. conflict of interest, illness etc…). Complaints must be in writing and can be forwarded to any member of the Executive or Directors. The individual receiving the complaint will forward same to the committee within two weeks. The committee will then review/investigate the allegations and provide their report in writing to the board within three months of receipt of the charges. Disciplinary actions are suspension or expulsion (as per the club’s By-Laws). Unsubstantiated repeat complaints against the same individual(s) will not be tolerated. A fee of $25 shall accompany all charges. If the charges are upheld, the fee will be refunded.