Who we are

The Canadian Hairless Terrier Association is Canada’s official breed club for the American Hairless Terrier. The AHT is a welcome and valuable addition to purebred dogs in Canada, and we are proud to promote this rare breed in Canada. This unique and versatile breed comes in a coated and fully hairless variety, and both are ideal companions for allergy sufferers.


What we do

Our organization represents Canadian American Hairless Terrier breeders and families in Canada. We provide conformation shows, competitions and a central point of contact in Canada for the public to learn about the American Hairless Terrier in Canada. We maintain a listing of breeders and available litters, raise awareness of the American Hairless Terrier in Canada, and work towards maintaining high standards in breeding practices of American Hairless Terriers in Canada. Please browse our site to learn more about these unique terriers, find breeders, or learn about our association and the history of AHTs in Canada.


For more information

You may use our site to read about and view photo albums of AHTs, contact members and breeders, ask for information from breeders and members, or arrange for allergy trials. Are you an AHT owner, interested in having an AHT join your family, or just want to find out more about the breed in Canada and meet people with AHTs? Feel free to join our mailing list for AHTs in Canada, canadahairlessterrier@yahoogroups.com.


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